4 Effective Steps How To Stop Your Prejudice Habit

Prejudice is a common thing in our society. We tend to use it without control. It considered to be something we have subconsciously, sometimes without our control.To tell the truth, it could happen to anyone, it even happened to me several of times. I'm in general a very open minded guy. But when I see someone new- i can prejudice him, without knowing.

The Prejudice Process

As was previously stated, the prejudice process we have in our mind is usually based on negative attitude toward a stranger. Commonly prejudice attitude includes:
  • misleading factors
  • negative sensations
  • judgmental approach
  • stereotyped beliefs
In all honesty, when we prejudicing other people we hurt only ourselves. because we don't let someone, who can highly effect, or influence our life a real chance.Prejudice is a human disease. Its causes us to detach ourselves from the society, and make us take the choices of with whom to interact, based on wrong ideas.

How can you stop prejudice?

  1. Awareness for prejudice thoughts. Subconsciously, you will continue to prejudice. So what you should do to become aware when it happens? When those thoughts come you should remind yourself, "i'm judging now, lets observe." hence, you will make an effort to change the way you think.
  2. Interact with strangers. Once you understand the nature of prejudicing you should make an effort, everywhere you go, whenever you enter to a new social situations- always try to look for the different people. Try to talk with the weirdos. Look for the people "you will never talk with", maybe people from different religions. Try to break the automatics.
  3. Observe individually. We have a terrible habit, and its to generalise. When it happens to you, you have to make an effort to look at the person individually, listen what he got to say. He might surprise you with he's clear wisdom.
  4. Volunteering. "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill. As a matter of fact, the best way to stop prejudice is to volunteer. more importantly, you will have the chance to know people you will never meet in your daily life.  with this intention, you will feel so good, and open your mind for who you meet.

How To Avoid Focusing On The Past, Keeping It Present

Focusing on the past its one of the issues that worries me. Its a very common problem I hear from people I worked with. I guess it comes from the modern psychology approach of solving the past.I see benefits from modern psychology, there are some nice tools. But the general approach of focusing on the past, and try to fix all the conflicts will lead you to frustration.

Whats turning me off regarding the past focused mindset:

  1. Time. You can spend a whole life trying to solve your past problems, its ridicules. How is it going to benefit spending so much time to fix issues, solve traumas? Don't you have bettr things to use your time?
  2. Its dead. Yes, you heard me right, the past is dead. Burried underground. There are no time machines, as I know. So I strongly recommand to focus on the living, on what is there. To scale your present
  3. Growth. When you focus on the past, you're going to prevent the growth. Yes, by going back you will be able to deal with some things, but putting it on your main focus is going to do the opposite of growing. Its going to use your powerful forces of thoughts, and creations. Simply you're going back to what is gone.

So here's how you can stay present

  • Meditation. By practicing meditation you learn how to increase relaxation, slowing down, help you feeling a sense of peace, and learning to live in the present moment. I recommend doing a vipassana retreat. I have participated 3 times in vipassana course. Probably the best thing happened to me.
  • Observe. This is one of the most powerful methods I use to stay in the moment, and become present. What you should do is focus when you witness something, and to be seen. So basically what you should do is when you witness a tree, you see yourself. So you're looking at the object while you see yourself. It takes practice but the outcome is wonderful.
  • Straight backOnce my meditation teacher told me a very important tip. My back was always hurting me when meditation for an hour, so I came to him and ask what should I do? he told me: "when your back is straight, your mind is straight". So my attention always when i'm writing, walking, or sitting somewhere is to keep my back straight. Its important to focus on the lower back to be straight, and don't be stiffen you lower back.

Mr. L

All You Need Is Passion and Patience For Success

be patiently passionate about the outcome

Passion and Patience is all you need

Passion and patience are a fundamental part of your path for success. Its easy to say, hard to perform. I call them the Double P's."Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."- Harriet Tubman

to be passionate about it or not to be

First of all, when you aim for success, you know you have to be passionate about what you doing.As a result of being passionate about what you doing is going to give you a full drive to keep going, even in the hard times. Why do you have passion?  its a fair question, and always good to ask yourself. Maintaining the passion for the long run is what it takes to achieve your desired results.In the dictionary, passionany powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.You have to understand that passion is one of the biggest emotions there is, related to love. Love is by far a very strong emotion, and it's that kind of thing that can get us almost everything we want to receive. Its a life purpose.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mLn99CQubI[/embed]

Patience is the hardest side of success

“I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.”- Paulo Coelho

[caption id="attachment_6898" align="alignright" width="300"]passion and patience path for success passion and patience are important for success[/caption]You are going to deal with many situations when you going to walk on the path for success, or any path.Also the practice to develop a patient quality is considered to be the hardest, grind is unavoidable.What you have to do when you deal with any kind of unexpected situation is first breath, then abstract it.As a result of creating patience, you will see the difference in the approach you will have for life. Patience is not about doing nothing. Patience is about constantly do whatever is possible. But being patient about the result.

This book i strongly recommend to learn more about patience.

Mr. L

You Never Lost Your Curiosity, Become Curios Again

4 steps to focus in becoming curios again

As a result of growing up I felt once like i lost my curiosity. I remember as a child I was so much curios then today. Something happened, something changed. We grew up. We have a lot of ambition, failure , worries about life, also we lost the contact with this 'curious child' we have inside.

The need to discover new things is our drops of youth. First of all we can stay young and look young by practicing our curiosity muscle, Also you can start acting younger, and look younger. Here you will find different steps of how to become younger in your appearance.

One of the biggest problems in becoming curios again, is the worry we have that we could look childish. “Grow up!!”, they say, I don’t care. I want to discover new things. To be much more curios on the small details. Would love to maintain my young spirit, and feel free. Why not?

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6 Self Development Mystical, and Powerful Exercises


Self development is a fundamental key those days. We're living in an era of awareness. There is a vegan movement, eating healthier, smoking less. Self development is a very important step, and this is a great time to jump on the train.I believe that we are a collection of tools in box. We gathered so many tools, by learning lessons from life experiences. The technology in some way decreased our attention for the importance of self development.With those exercises, you will manage to get instant development results in mystical way. Even if you're going to use only one of them, you'll start producing self development attention, which i think is very important for your intellectual, and your mind intelligence.

Call To Action

  1. Close your eyes, and with the help of someone. tell him to move your hands through the surface of your body, try to observe weather the energy flows from top to bottom, or bottom to top. Down flow of the direction its the positive direction, or the direction of slumber. The upper flow is the negative direction of wakefulness. Observe those feelings. Meditate on them.
  2. Next time you when ever you are in a big crowd of people, observe your emotions, try to analyse what are the actual feeling that comes across you. Focus on the sensitivity of the spirit of the crowd. The other thing you should do is try to observe the feeling when you're in small crowd. Stop just to focus of your sensitivity, and the spirit of the crowd. See how they're different. See the level of your connection its related for your development.
  3. Put your right hand on a mirror, and then put your left hand on the mirror. Try to observe what hand producing more warmth. There are situations when your hands are producing the same warmth, but it's really rare. Most of the time's your hands are going to be in different positive - negative balance. Practice on the development of the observation.
  4. Stand in front of a mirror, observe the feeling you get from just seeing the appearance of your image. Seeing yourself in the mirror to check if your hair is fine, or if your make up is still there. is not the same as observing your image, and see what kind of sensations your'e experiencing. Essential for development growth.
  5. If you are in a relationship, observe the body heat when your partner is sleeping next you. Observe the general energy you are experiencing. Try to observe weather its positive or negative. Positive will emit warmth, negative will emit coolness.
  6.  Last one. Focus on the development of your sensitivity of emotions, and sensations everywhere you go. When you are in the company of others, make an effort, and observe their feelings. Observe first on what they express, and how. And then observe what they about to express. Until they will say "You took my words out of my mouth". The next step you will be able to observe on their upcoming feelings, even before it will come into expression. This is a very important self development exercise. The creation of this kind of sensitivity will develop not only yourself, but everyone that will come in contact with you. This is the value of awareness of the moment.

Mr. L

How You Turn Every Problem Into A-Plan


The thing that hold us the most, when we’re dealing with a problem is to get out of the mindset of the problem, and make a plan. 

Problems are unexpected things that will always pop up, and we have to accept this reality. Using this tool i’m about to give you will not focus only on solving problems, but making a plan using our infinite power of visualisation.

The great thing about this method is the fact you can apply it on every problem you are facing with. For example: Family problems, Relationship problems, Work problems, Social problems, Love problems etc.

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4 Reasons Why You Fail To Be Creative and How To Avoid it


Creativeness is one of the biggest rebellion in the universe. Only by reaching to your individuality you can become creative. As a creative person you cannot go by the normal path. You have to find your own way to walk your walk, and talk your talk. Its going to be a wild ride, butkeep going.

To be creative, you have to be a person with insights. You need to be able to see things that no one have seen before, hear things no one have heard before - once you do that, than you have the

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Truth of Self Confident, and 5 Confident Steps You Might Use

5 steps to build confident take the self out and focus on scale

Self confident is something a lot of people are looking for. Sometimes people with self confident, creating self confident picture with themselves that is not based on the reality, most of the time.

When I work with people and they tell me: “oh I just don’t have self confident and this is my problem!”, I tell them: When you say self confident, what do you mean? Self confident? Confident? Self?

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