How You Turn Every Problem Into A-Plan

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The thing that hold us the most, when we’re dealing with a problem is to get out of the mindset of the problem, and make a plan. 

Problems are unexpected things that will always pop up, and we have to accept this reality. Using this tool i’m about to give you will not focus only on solving problems, but making a plan using our infinite power of visualisation.

The great thing about this method is the fact you can apply it on every problem you are facing with. For example: Family problems, Relationship problems, Work problems, Social problems, Love problems etc.

For making a plan for ever problem, we have to use an ‘imaginary screen’ which is like a television screen you imagine when you close your eyes. The screen can be like in the theatre, you can visualise it as the television screen you have in your house, or the screen of your macbook.

The concept of using the imaginary screen for overcoming problems, is to take things you have from the physical dimension, tranform them to the spiritual dimension and opposite.

How you going to make a plan from a problem?solve-problem-by-visualise

  • Sit on a chair, use a meditation pillow with your back straight
  • Take 5 breath’s, inhale from the noise, exhale from the mouth.
  • Count from 30 to 1 slowly and aware.
  • Project the problem into the ‘imaginary screen’, project all the small, and big details of the problem. 
  • After that, erase the problem, visualise the problem dissolved. Completely melted from your screen.
  •  Now use your visualisation to create your desirable picture. Focus on your wanted result, observe a creative, and optimistic picture. 
  • Count from 30 to 1 slowly and aware. Open your eyes.

What you done right now is turn a problem into a plan. In the future, every time you need this plan, all you have to do is to visualise your resolution picture for the problem.

Remember, do not go back to the picture of your problem after you melt it. because its gone, and there’s only one picture that you could see in your mind from now on, and thats the picture you created when you were visualising your wanted result, which became your new plan.

Practice this method constantly, its so powerful

Mr. L

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