How To Meditate When Your Mind Run’s Like Usain Bolt?

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Go to a Vipassana Retreat


vipassana retreat will help improve the practice and the results

As my subjective experience tells me, this is one of the best method’s to learn how to meditate, simply from the conditions that you will be. Being in the nature. No talking. No eye contact. No music. No writing. No meat.

Just meditating all day and practicing. it’s a fabulous way to become successful in meditation, specially with the hectic life style we can register to a course here (its free): Vipassana Meditation By S.N Goenka

Use breathing exercise before

Breathing is a fundamental need we got used to ignore. Breathing is the bridge between our body to our mind. It has a strong deep influence on both. its that connection between the conscious to the unconscious. a lot of research already discovered that its one of the keys for healthy lifestyle.

Try this technic: Sit down, when your back is straight, and your body relaxed. Close your eyes and focus your attention in the area of your nose. Just observe it. Don’t change your breathing.

Just watch if your breathing is quiet or loud, deep or superficial. Focus your attention in the natural break between aspiration to exhalation. Again, Don’t force a change on the breathing, and if you lose your attention, and start thinking just go back to the natural breathing.

breath is the key connecting conscious to the subconscious helping to quiet mind

Try differnt type of meditation

trying a different kind of meditation should give u better results

Change to a different type of meditation. There are more than 300 techniques for meditation. if you tried a meditation several time and you don’t feel comfortable with it. Give a chance to a different kind.

If you already practicing for a long time the same technic and it starts to make you feel uncomfortable. again change for a different one. Meditate before eating a meal not after. it will distract your level of attention because your body digest the food you ate. it will distract you

Set a meditative zone in your house

setting up a meditation zone gives better results


Something really important and helpful for to slow your mind is to set up a special zone for the exercise. I will strongly recommend using a cushion, and a meditation mat. make an area with candle lights. with incenses. make it as your clean energetic spot.

The creation of an area will provide value, you will be able to see that its getting the energy of zen. your mind will get used to that place as a place for resting. With clean vibrations




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