4 Reasons Why You Fail To Be Creative and How To Avoid it

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Creativeness is one of the biggest rebellion in the universe. Only by reaching to your individuality you can become creative. As a creative person you cannot go by the normal path. You have to find your own way to walk your walk, and talk your talk. Its going to be a wild ride, butkeep going.

To be creative, you have to be a person with insights. You need to be able to see things that no one have seen before, hear things no one have heard before – once you do that, than you have the foundation to become a creative creature, and the potential of value you could bring to the world is limitless.

We are living in a world that people fail to be creative because of the massive amount of content. it makes people mostly imitate, duplicate and clone – thats going to be just repeating something that already exist, instead of creating new world, new possibilities. 

So here the 4 reason why you are going to fail to become creative:

1. You Will Fail To Be Creative From Trying To Be Self Aware

The first reason why people fail is they’re main focus of self awareness. You have to understand the difference between self awareness to awareness. In awareness there’s no term of “I”, of ego. Self awareness is an attitude of lack of submission, confronting, and fighting.

In this fight against the existence, you bound to lose. To be self aware means not to be aware, and not to be self aware means to be aware. The truth about the self, it can never be fully known. It stays mysterious, beyond words and definitions. When we are self aware, we bound to fail in becoming creative. 

2. You Will Fail To Be Creative From Chasing After Wholeness

The real creative artist is thinking about totality, never thinks about wholenesses. The beauty is the totality of the creative person, whom always thinks about wholeness, never become’s perfect, never complete. As much as you will think about wholeness you will get more neurotic.

When you will go and do some kind of art – write, dance, paint, sculpture etc. You will always judge your creative making, trying to fix, frightening to make mistake. One part is being creative and the other part stands from the side, judge, criticise. you’re divided. The only way to become creative is to radically disappear in your creation, when you radically disappear, you’re in a different world, with different rules.


3. You Will Fail To Be Creative From The Intellectual Mindset

Intellect is something fake, fraudulent. its a replacement for intelligence. Intelligence takes enormous courage, and adventuress approach. Intelligence goes after the unknown, and unexpected. Than it grows sharper and sharper. People are afraid from the unknown, it arouses lack of confidence.

You can never be creative if you not willing to go beyond the known. Look at the universities and see how “creative” is they’re work. Hundred and thousands of theses are written there, no one’s reading them. They just fill with dust, some study them to make more theses. its ridiculous. 

in order to put you intelligence to action for creativity, you don’t need more information, you need meditation. you have to be more silent, free from thoughts. you have to be creating your stuff less from the intellect mind, and more from the creative heart. This is the greatness of creativity, you take inanimate things, and you give them life, you take the banal and make it wonderful. You become an alchemist- its possible only with radical arise of your intelligent, of your heart.

4. You Will Fail To Be Creative From Limiting Beliefs

 The creative one is not bearing a lot of beliefs, actually none. Only is experiences. The beauty of experience is the fact its always open. Belief is always closed, complete, your experience is growing and expanding constantly. Always changing, and be in dynamic movement.

If you have lets say, a belief you’re not creative, the belief will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t think from limiting beliefs, don’t identify yourself with fraudulent ideas that you’re not creative. maybe you parents told you that, maybe your colleagues said, maybe you looked at wrong directions. it has to be a direction you’ll be creative. Search, insist to find, stay receptive, until you found.

For conclusion we can say,

everyone as a child was creative. Over the years our mind got poisoned by so many fake ideas, beliefs etc. Whatever you decide to do, if you do it from happiness, from love. If your work is not motivated only by money purpose, its creative.

Love what you do, be meditative when you do it, know that even a work of cleaning the floor could be creative. If you clean the floor with that kind of love, you lived the moment with pleasure, youre going to benefit such a magical inner growth. You will never be the same after that creative making.


Call To Action

The next thing you will do after this article, take the 4 question methods, take a pen and paper and be honest!

  • What will happen when you become creative?
  • What will happen when you won’t become creative?
  • What will not happen when you become creative?
  • What will not happen when you won’t become creative?

Source: Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living)

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