Why I Write About Us, and 10 Most Valued Zen Habits

The truth about us

One day I heard strong inner voice saying 'start write your own content. ’ This voice was shoutingMany years I write unusual content. For myself. I’m working with people all around the world. Helping them to find significance...

The discovery of my passion for self development, and self help wasent a surprise for me. Working with people. Scaling theme. Serving. Bringing value. Its my life story..

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4 Question Methods To Create Your Instant Awareness

4 different methods to improve consciousness and awareness, take action

Since i was young i like to ask questions, Out of curiosity. I wanted to understand so many things about life and about our experience. But when we ask questions using a proven methodology than we bound to be successful in getting better answers and improve your awareness. Here are the top 4 question methods that will defiantly boost your life:

1) The Descartes Method 

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