4 Reasons Why You Fail To Be Creative and How To Avoid it


Creativeness is one of the biggest rebellion in the universe. Only by reaching to your individuality you can become creative. As a creative person you cannot go by the normal path. You have to find your own way to walk your walk, and talk your talk. Its going to be a wild ride, butkeep going.

To be creative, you have to be a person with insights. You need to be able to see things that no one have seen before, hear things no one have heard before - once you do that, than you have the

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4 Easy Steps For Writing Poetry, Becoming a Creative Poet

Writing poetry was one of my first writing habits. I remember myself as a child i was feeling so many emotional things, want to express them, and didn’t know how about. Poetry was a good idea for me.

Back then, we didn’t have internet, if you didn’t have money to buy books, you’re screw. So I just learn from involving myself in this creative mindset, and start my poetry journey...

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