How You Turn Every Problem Into A-Plan


The thing that hold us the most, when we’re dealing with a problem is to get out of the mindset of the problem, and make a plan. 

Problems are unexpected things that will always pop up, and we have to accept this reality. Using this tool i’m about to give you will not focus only on solving problems, but making a plan using our infinite power of visualisation.

The great thing about this method is the fact you can apply it on every problem you are facing with. For example: Family problems, Relationship problems, Work problems, Social problems, Love problems etc.

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These Seven Words Have Flown Under The Radar Too Long


When first reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, i got exposed first time to the Law of attraction. I didn’t know much about it. It just sounded good. long story short I decided to read her source book, The master key system by Charles F. Haanel (1866-1949)

 We are magnets. We attract anything, what we feel, what we are,whats on our mind, Like attracts Like. Thought is creative vibration,  therefor, we got to remember that by the way we speak we cause vibration.

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