Why I Write About Us, and 10 Most Valued Zen Habits

The truth about us

One day I heard strong inner voice saying 'start write your own content. ’ This voice was shoutingMany years I write unusual content. For myself. I’m working with people all around the world. Helping them to find significance...

The discovery of my passion for self development, and self help wasent a surprise for me. Working with people. Scaling theme. Serving. Bringing value. Its my life story..

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How To Meditate When Your Mind Run’s Like Usain Bolt?


Go to a Vipassana Retreat

 vipassana retreat will help improve the practice and the results As my subjective experience tells me, this is one of the best method’s to learn how to meditate, simply from the conditions that you will be. Being in the nature. No talking. No eye contact. No music. No writing. No meat.

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