Why I Write About Us, and 10 Most Valued Zen Habits

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One day I heard strong inner voice saying ‘start write your own content. ’ This voice was shoutingMany years I write unusual content. For myself. I’m working with people all around the world. Helping them to find significance…

The discovery of my passion for self development, and self help wasent a surprise for me. Working with people. Scaling theme. Serving. Bringing value. Its my life story..

start write your own content.

But its more. Its more rooted than self development, and self help tricks, or the value of helping random people. Its helping ourselves trough others, about going deep inside and find our individual message.

Its about bringing the value of a zen, creative, productive, radically positive, healing liberated spirit & universal minded, to your movement.

Its about nothing, but about everything. Its about bringing value every moment, but to forget what is value. Its about imperfection, but the most perfection of everything. its about the light, but what about it absence. Its about being relaxed, and not worrying, but determined, and absolute.

zen, creative, productive, radically positive, healing liberated spirit & universal minded.

Its about taking action. Radically. Spiritually. Its about consistently bringing value to the table. Brining out the value out of others. To surround yourself with value based environment. Its about delivering your message, about being receptive to other interesting messages, which are being delivered every moment.

Its about synchronising. With the earth, & with ourselves. Its about the value of connection. Of interacting with new people, Just to be in situations. To break the automatic of our machine, with gratitude for the moment. Its about Meditation.

Its about taking action.

With a mask, without it. They say “give a man a mask and he will show you his true face.” So here i’m wearing a mask, but to give you full value, to serve. 

I never wanted to be the richest man in the graveyard, i want legacy.

Welcome to my world.

Here my top 10 valued Zen habits by Leo Babuta:

A Guide to Developing the Self-Discipline Habit

  1. A Guide to Developing the Self-Discipline Habit This self tool is like superpower: when you develop self-discpline. Exercise every single day, ritually. Eat healthy, meditate and be in a move.
  2. The only two secrets to motivating yourself youll ever need. Its about finding the enjoyable parts of any activity, and focus on those. In time, you can really learn to love something. Or, switch to something you love more and stick to that.
  3. A Short Guide to Starting, if You’re Struggling. With every single step, you’ll feel better. When finish that step, you take the next one. You will trust yourself more and more. Add value with another small habit.
  4. The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living. About taking Mini Retirements, fresh 50 tips for frugally living. Spand less than you earn. Tricks.
  5. How to Find you life Purpose: An Anconventional approach. Its about what happens when we get out of the bubble, and transform to a wider view point of view. Focused on life zen-circle-babits-self-help-valuepurpose, learning to be bigger than ourselves. There is so much fulfilment in making lives of others a bit better.
  6.  20 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life. Stress is a response to challenges in life, and a life without challenges there is no movement. But these origin of stress can be eliminated with a little Thought < Act.
  7. The Way to Finding Powerful Human Connection  Even if you still be nervous and awkward in new connections. Using those ideas can help you. Finding new connection with wonderful human being, can be a game changer in your life.
  8. The Habit Change Cheatsheet. Simple 3 steps: Write down your plan < Identify your triggers and replacement habits. < Focus on doing the replacement habits every time the trigger happens, for 21-30 days. Very powerful.
  9. A guide of Dealing with Dissatisfaction. In the end, You bound to find that love is a more powerful motivator than unhappiness with yourself.
  10. Top 20 Motivation Tips. Follow these tips, or any combination of them that works for you, Leo is absolute brilliant Motivater.

What im using for my writing project?

I strongly recommend Ipad , and  Square stand, you might like it.

Mr. L. 

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